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When the Cow's Don't Want to Come Home

The cows didn't want to come home. We thought with the recent snow and cold temperatures the eighteen head of cattle at one of our remote pastures in Gilmanton would be hungry and ready to move to a new pasture in Canterbury. At first,...

Make Your Own Delicious Cider

At the pressing party, each person took three to four-minute“shifts turning the crank that ground the apples into mush. Six bushels of apples waiting to be ground sat on the picnic table; there was a lot of grinding to do. After the...

A Magnet can Save a Life; A Cow's Life

How can a magnet save a cow's life? Here's how. While our cattle were grazing in a leased pasture in Gilmanton, the farm owner replaced the barn roof by tearing off the existing roof and tossing shingles and nails next to the barn which...

A Simple Tool that Can Save Lives

The two calves tied in the feed bunker where hopelessly tangled.  They were tied with quick release knots but these silly calves had twisted their ropes together making the quick release knots impossible to reach. They were in trouble...

DIY Soap Keeps This Farmer (and her pig) Clean

When I'm getting my hair cut or I'm at the feed store I wonder if anyone will notice the mud on my boots or crusted dirt on my cargo pants. Cargo pants, with their many pockets, are regulation farm-wear for me. Before cargo pants, I...

Deerfield Fair Pig Scramble and Agriculture

It only rained one day at the Deerfield Fair this year. Our hairy cattle didn't mind the cold wet weather but it chilled me to the bone. Most livestock are ok in the cold but humans not so much.  Thankfully,  the fair had tents and...

Hurricanes Hit Birds Hard

As I watched from my window a chickadee parent fed her baby, also in flight. The young bird grabbed the meal and continued on its way. The bird parents were teaching their babies how to grab insects in mid-air by feeding them in flight...

Bucky the Boar Strikes Back

As he hovered over Charlotte, my 800-pound “pet” sow, Bucky lunged. I felt his hot breath as he snapped at me with his tusks stopping short inches from my hand. Bucky, a normally well-mannered boar was being protective of Charlotte who...

Piggy Tails

The pigs were bouncing through the cow pasture barking at the turkeys and snorting at the calves. It was a delightful, happy scene except for one thing. These little piggies were escapees from their pig pasture across the road and...

Quarantine after the Hopkinton Fair

When I returned from the show ring with my oxen on Monday night the crew was already packing up our barn at the Hopkinton Fair. I was exhausted and the cattle were ready to go home but we all had to wait until the posters, wheel barrow...

Packing for the Hopkinton Fair

The cow washing is underway, horns are polished, and we've moved into the Hopkinton State Fair grounds for Labor Day weekend. If my cows are at the fair, so am I. This is the third year for my “cow sleep over”...

"Cow Wash" for the Fair Season

It's time to setup the “cow wash” to get ready for the Hopkinton Fair which is almost here. The hair I clipped off my shaggy Scottish Highlanders in the Spring has grown back enough to collect dirt and it will take loads of soap and...

Hemmingway goes to Boy Scout Camp

Hemmingway, a yearling Scottish Highlander, went to “summer camp” this year. I mean “real” summer camp. He was at Griswold Scout Reservation in Alton where he was brushed, walked, hugged and loved by the boy scouts for eight weeks. The...

Two Piglets are Saved

Update: These two little wiggly piglets are now in their own house in the barn yard.  Come on by to bottle...

A Calf is Born On The Farm

The Scottish Highlander calf showed up Sunday morning about 6 AM.

Bucky the Boar is a Concerned Father

The piglet was stuck under a fallen tree branch squealing to be released. Bucky, our seven hundred pound boar, was doing his best to lift the branch off the unhappy piglet but with only his snout to work with was not having success. For...

Quills and a Curious Cow

The quills were firmly stuck in Zeena's face as we loaded her in the stock trailer for the trip home.  Zeena was in one of our remote Barnstead pastures when she was attacked by a porcupine. We had to get her home where we had the tools...

Piglet Integration into the Litter

Chipmunk, the sow, jumped to her feet, growled and grabbed Herman tossing him into the corner. Herman, a piglet injured at birth, had been away from his mom while he recovered from a birth injury. The skin on...

NASCOW Racing? Is that a Thing?

After two hours in a windowless, completely closed 12×12 box on the NASCAR track Clemy, a Scottish Highlander Miles Smith Farm cow who was sharing the box with me, was ready to leave. That morning at 7am Bruce had driven the stock...

Flies Can Kill a Calf

Even though I had washed several times, two maggots were squirming on my smartphone screen as I called my vet, Christina Murdock. A Highlander calf, born five days earlier, had an army of maggots on her back and legs which we were...