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Tazzy Steals the Show at TEDx

Wed, 2016-11-16 13:15 -- Carole Soule

The topic of my recent TEDx talk was, “Every Steak Has a Story,” and my point was that whether you buy meat from a factory farm or from a small farm, like mine, we should honor the animal that gave its life to create food. I decided to bring my “porch pig,” Tazzy, a 30 pound mini pig that is mostly house trained, on stage with me.

Frugal Farmers

Sun, 2016-10-30 19:06 -- Carole Soule

Farming is not just about raising cattle or vegetables. It's also about being frugal. “A penny saved is a penny earned,” or “Waste not, Want not,” makes sense for farmers especially when it comes to household appliances and farm equipment. When you buy a new washer or stove or dishwasher I'm excited. That means your old appliance is now available to me.

Happy Highland Heifer

Tue, 2016-09-27 10:59 -- Carole Soule

The cow looked thin, thinner than the day before so I suspected that there must be a new born calf around. I had been watching Lucy closely for about a month. She was pregnant and her udders had filled out a few days earlier so I knew she was due soon.

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