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Teaching an Old Ox New Tricks

Sun, 2017-01-22 19:12 -- Carole Soule

All four feet were off the ground as the thousand pound steer lept into the air. I didn't think a steer could jump so high but Stash was definitely airborne just to avoid stepping on a stone boat lying still on the ground. Stash is a four year old Scottish Highlander steer I was training for his new job as an oxen.

Farmers Helping Farmers

Sat, 2017-01-14 11:34 -- Carole Soule

Do you know any farmers that “work out?” If you think I mean going to the gym, you're wrong. An old Yankee Farmer once told me that as a boy he lived with his grandfather and worked the farm. But when he became an adult he had to get an “off farm job” or “work out” to keep the farm going. “Work out” was the farmer's term for having an off-farm job with a regular income.

Red Needs a Job

Thu, 2016-12-22 20:57 -- Carole Soule

Red is looking for a job and he'll work for food. Red loves to eat hay and doesn't even need health care as he has never been sick. He was one of pair of working steers. The team worked well until Red outgrew his partner, Bleu.