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Cows in the Cemetery?

Thu, 2017-05-25 19:38 -- Carole Soule

Sarah was in labor so I brought her to the holding area where I could keep watch. Sarah is a Scottish Highlander cow who had given birth to a lively, healthy calf last year. She was the first of our cows to give birth this year but this year was not good for Sarah.

What's that Buzz?

Wed, 2017-05-17 03:08 -- Carole Soule

Every year, about this time, the three heritage apple trees in my backyard burst into blossom. Some years they whimper into spring with just a few buds but this year there is an abundance of blossoms. With this many blossoms and good weather during the summer, we should have a bonanza of apples in the fall.

Lawn Mooers At Work

Thu, 2017-05-11 20:17 -- Carole Soule

Grass is growing, calves are being born, it must be Spring on the farm. With this warm weather and rain the grass is exploding from the ground and it's time to get those cows and steers to work; harvesting grass.