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Bucky, the Boar, Attacks

Tue, 2018-02-20 19:21 -- Carole Soule

Bucky lunged, jaws snapping at me. He pushed me backward into the fence. Bucky was not happy with me. I had to get out of his pen fast.

It’s winter and since the electric fence is covered with snow and ice in places, the charge was weak. Ideally the charge in the fence is 9.0. One or two zaps on the snout generates respect for the fence. Pigs have great memories so after they touch a hot fence a few times they’ll never try again. If the fenceline is taken down or moved, the pigs usually won’t cross where the fence had been.

There's a Bullet in My Steer

Sun, 2018-02-11 07:23 -- Carole Soule

The bullet was lodged under the steer’s skin for at least six months. It was a bullet, called a minié, from a Civil War era rifle-musket that didn’t kill the animal. The butcher found the bullet when the steer was processed. He must have been shot in the Fall during hunting season.

Down Cow

Sun, 2018-01-28 10:31 -- Carole Soule

Just after feeding, I saw a white belly and kicking legs in the back pasture. Two yearlings were staring at the form on the ground. Something was wrong and I had to investigate.

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