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Piggy Tails

Sun, 2017-09-17 20:57 -- Carole Soule

The pigs were bouncing through the cow pasture barking at the turkeys and snorting at the calves. It was a delightful, happy scene except for one thing. These little piggies were escapees from their pig pasture across the road and occasionally snuck to our neighbor's yard to steal apple drops.

Quarantine after the Hopkinton Fair

Mon, 2017-09-11 11:21 -- Carole Soule

When I returned from the show ring with my oxen on Monday night the crew was already packing up our barn at the Hopkinton Fair. I was exhausted and the cattle were ready to go home but we all had to wait until the posters, wheel barrow, show trunk, yokes and other stuff was jammed into the goose neck trailer.  The barn had to be clean or we would face a $100 fine. 

Packing for the Hopkinton Fair

Mon, 2017-09-11 11:14 -- Carole Soule

The cow washing is underway, horns are polished, and we've moved into the Hopkinton State Fair grounds for Labor Day weekend. If my cows are at the fair, so am I. This is the third year for my “cow sleep over” at the Fair. Some participants sleep in tents and others sleep with their cattle but we, fortunately, have a borrowed camper. Given the prospect of cold, wet weather this weekend, sleeping with my 2,800-pound oxen sounds like a warm idea.

"Cow Wash" for the Fair Season

Sun, 2017-08-27 21:30 -- Carole Soule

It's time to setup the “cow wash” to get ready for the Hopkinton Fair which is almost here. The hair I clipped off my shaggy Scottish Highlanders in the Spring has grown back enough to collect dirt and it will take loads of soap and elbow grease make them show ring ready. Sadly this year I registered nine head of cattle for the fair which means I will:

Hemmingway goes to Boy Scout Camp

Mon, 2017-08-21 15:48 -- Carole Soule

Hemmingway, a yearling Scottish Highlander, went to “summer camp” this year. I mean “real” summer camp. He was at Griswold Scout Reservation in Alton where he was brushed, walked, hugged and loved by the boy scouts for eight weeks. The camp has a farm program which included sheep, goats and, of course, Hemmingway. In July I got a call from Townsend Carmody, the camp's farm program coordinator. The heifer she had arranged to bring to camp was too wild so she asked if we had any Highlanders to loan. Hemmingway was the answer.