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Chicken and Duck 

We have Muscovy Duck and Local Chicken for Sale


Angus Cross Beef

Flat Iron 20% Off


Scottish Highlander Beef

Ground Beef and Patties SALE 10% OFF  


Heritage Pork

     Pig Feet SALE 20% OFF

     Ham Shanks SALE 15% OFF

     Pork Organs & BONES 50% OFF (Makes great broth)

     Pork Back Fat 50% OFF (Makes a great cooking fat)


Local Lamb

      Rack of Lamb  SALE 15% OFF

      Leg Chops  SALE 15% OFF

Lamb Liver  SALE 15% OFF

Lamb Bones  SALE 15% OFF


Side of Beef




Grass Fed 'Side of beef' 

Great Savings when you purchase Side of Beef

             $5.99 lb HGWT 

Quarters Available as well


Side of Pork

Preorder your Side or whole Pig!

 $4.99 a pound 


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