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Welcome to the Farm Store! 

The Farm Store is the center of the farm. No really, its in the geographical center of the farm! It also is where all retail and wholesale product arrives and leaves. 

Check this out! So much going on!


Thanksgiving Turkey Orders!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a locally raised turkey!

              Thanksgiving Turkey

Order yours today!


Grass Fed 'Side of beef' Special!

$5.49 lb Hanging weight

Reg $5.99 lb HGWT

                 Side of Beef


Go Whole Hog; Pre-Order your Side of Pork

Heritage, Pastured Pork sides or whole Special!  Limited fall supply!

Heritage, Pastured Pork

$4.49 lb Hanging Weight, Reg $4.99 lb  

    Whole Pork 

Order by Novemver 15th for special pricing


Year-round FarmShare CSA! Don't miss out!

              Food Basket

Learn about our Beef

Learn about our Pork & Lamb!

We have Rabbit & Chicken

Produce, Milk, Eggs, and MORE!



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