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Carole & Cole take a break from training.
On Miles Smith Farm we raise Scottish Highlander cattle. Highland Cattle, originally from Northern Scotland, are one of the oldest beef breeds. They have evolved to produce naturally lean and tender beef without added hormones or growth stimulants. A heavy coat insulates them in harsh climates and reduce the need to put on surplus back fat. Because of their shaggy coats some call them "hippy cattle".

Miles Smith Farm was first farmed in the 1850's by Miles Smith and is currently owned and operated by Bruce Dawson and Carole Soule. Today the farm house has been restored and enhanced. We have 30 acres of fields for our Highlanders to range free and live naturally.

Originally the Scottish Highlander was bred as the "King's Cattle" but today it is available to the "rest of us."

Our goal is to raise beef in a natural and kind environment. The animals we raise live happy and stress free lives, unlike feed-lot raised animals. Our cattle are raised on pasture. Because our cattle are highly resistant to disease there is no need to medicate them, so the beef we sell is free of chemicals and hormones.

We also sell Angus beef that is locally raised in the same way as our Highlanders. While there is very little difference in the taste of the Angus beef, it is not quite so lean as Highlander cuts.

So whether it is the low fat Highlander or Angus beef that you prefer, you can get it all from Miles Smith Farm. Not only will you enjoy the nutritious taste of naturally raised beef, but you will be sustaining a local tradition and simpler way of life.

You are welcome to visit the farm, but since this is a working farm, we request that you call ahead for an appointment.

We also have pigs, but we don't always have some for sale. But if you're looking for piglets to raise, we know of some farms that sell them (tell them that you saw this on our web site):

  • Mike in Chester at 603-234-5266

If you are interested in purchasing one (or more!) of our animals, please see the Animals For Sale page. We also buy animals from other like-minded farmers that raise their animals in a way similar to ours; see our animal suppliers page for a list of these farmers.

Angel with her calf.

Rosie and Gravy

Milo and Felix enjoy the view 

Sarah nursing her piglets

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