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Farm Store in Winter Mary Beth Testimonial

Mary Beth form Boston stopped at the store when she noticed our sign on Rt 106

Hear what she has to say

Lamb Chops Lamb is Delicious

Like lamb? Greg does and he loves Miles Smith Farm lamb. Hear what he has to say.

Amy from Connecticut AirBNB Testimonial

Hear what Amy, an AirBNB guest, has to say about the farm.


AirBNB Guests at the Farm We Love the Farm

Check out the Farm reviews on AirBNB.  Then check back with us to book your dates.

AirBNB Listing and Reviews

Hot tub in the apartment Most Tasty Meat Ever

"This was just what we needed. Carole’s hospitality made us feel welcomed and at home. We loved Tazzy the curious pig and Angus the cute bunny. The cattle was gorgeous, the meat one of the most tasty ever eaten. We enjoyed the hot tub, the views, the smiles, the food, the apartment and the relaxation. We would love to return!" Michele, Jan 28, 2018

Hopkinton Fair - 2014

This was the first fair that Carole attended with her Working Steers, Topper and Flash. She also introduces Curious Bleu who is famous and stars in a children's book.

All About the Farm

Learn why our meat is so delicious.  It's delicious because we care about the land, the cattle and mostly about taste.  Taste matters!

Nicole Loves the Simple Skillet

Nicole loves the Simple Skillet.  It's so good it squeals with flavor  But let Ncole tell you in her own words.

Here is the simple skillet recipe for you!

Sharon Loves our Meat

Why does Sharon like our beef?  Because it tastes delicious!

Carole Talks About the Farm and Its History

Learn about the farm from one of the farm's owners, Carole Soule.


Farm Store Specials

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 We offer specials each month.

On-line Orders

Ordering Food On-line

Order On-Line

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